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Guest Lecture organised for the trainees of Date Entry Operator domain

Don Bosco Tech (Nalagarh) conducted a guest lecture for trainees of Data Entry Operator domain on October 14, 2019. Mrs. Meenakshi (Trainer, Data Entry Operator) was invited as a resource person from Gurukul Institute (Nalagarh) for the Guest Lecture.

Mrs. Meenakshi started the guest lecture by introducing herself to the trainees. She started the session with the basics of Data Entry sector and discussed all the important points related to computer. After that, she discussed the growth rate in Data Entry Operator sector, apart from this she also shared the information related to various things that should be taken care of at workplace like integrity, discipline, punctuality, honesty, dedication toward work and way of talking. As this industry is mainly based on customer service, she also talked about the importance of communication skills in this sector and in our lives as well.

Then she discussed various types of Data Entry Operators and different types of processes as well.  She concluded the session by resolving the queries of all the trainees and motivated them to be focussed at training time and wished them luck for their future career. The trainees were happy and motivated after the guest lecture.