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A session on Female Genocide, Changing life styles and HIV/AIDS

Don Bosco Tech (Best Academy) conducted a special session on HIV AIDS for all the trainees on October 11, 2019. Ms. Santa Silvia (Social Worker, VIVA) was invited as a resource person for the guest lecture. 

Mr. Kannedy (centre coordinator) introduced the resource person to trainees. Ms. Santa Silvia started the session with the introduction session. She started the session by telling about the Genocide and it’s the factors. Mass destruction of ‘HUMAN’ life through war or the hands of ruthless dictator. She also shared about 15 days (Hi mom) & DNA development. During the session she explained the main points like 21 days Heart Beat begins, 42 days’ brain waves begins, 8th week all major organs are formed etc. Then she told the trainees about human trafficking. The session ended with the movie ANAMIKA, the real story of women.

The session really helped the trainees to improve their skills like empathy, self-awareness, observation skill etc. Throughout the session, they were emotional about the present scenario, the situation faced by women like human trafficking, sexual abuse, harassment etc. The session was very useful and informative. The topics really touched their life. They got different experience they got a chance to check their social awareness.

The topic was new for them and they got chance clear their doubts and they were happy.
The session really helped the trainees to develop their social orientation, self-awareness, and general knowledge. The session ended with the vote of thanks by Mr. Madhusudan (Trainer).