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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Shillong
Domain : Mushroom Grower
Employer : Self Employed
Designation : Mushroom grower

" I am sincerely grateful to Don Bosco Tech Society, the principal of Shillong Centre, and my teachers who have taken keen interest to guide, advice and also give me the idea concerning skills right from the start till the completion of this training" stated Kphiarbon.

Mushroom Grower Kphiarbon Mukhim joins the training program at Don Bosco Tech-Shillong for Mushroom Growers intending to add more knowledge about mushroom cultivation. She was born on 10th July 1974 and resides in Sohryngkham village of East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. She completed her graduation from Women’s College Shillong in the year 1999. She is a married woman living with her husband and four children.

She is always passionate about growing her vegetables and adding to them, she cultivates mushrooms learning where she would sell them in her village. She earns rupees 16000 per month.  Apart from growing mushrooms, she is also teaching in Christ National School with a salary of Rs 15000 per month.

In her life, things went on smoothly; she was happy and contented with her life being a mother. Looking after her family adds joy to her as she gets love and affection from her children. She has not faced any major issues in her life but having to take care of four children to support their education demanded more income. She had to find ways and means to get additional income.

 It was until she came to know about this training program. Initially, she was confused and could not make up her mind as she wasn’t very sure if this was the right decision to do but finally she decided to go with it as this sounded like a good opportunity for her and being free course and it would help her earn more income.

After making the decision she came to the center to complete the registration process and all the other formalities and joined the training. She was a smart, dedicated student, sincere and obedient; her greatest strength was her calm and patient personality. Mrs. Mukhim is an epitome of strength and courage and a living example of staying strong and rising above the challenges in life, especially in taking care of her teenage children. This is something very few people can endure. She is truly an inspiration and role model to many women around her. Mrs.Mukhim also encourages and teaches her neighbours to cultivate mushrooms to earn additional income to run the family.

After completion of training she open up this business and it went on smoothly, but now the area where she grows mushrooms has become so damp that everything started to spoil, on top of this she did not get good seeds and this made her business go down drastically. She is looking for a better location and to continue mushroom cultivation as this activity has brought her sustainable income for her.

 After completion of her training, she is very happy with her new income-generating activity.