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Centre Name : Don Bosco Tech - Najafgarh
Domain : Assistant Electrician
Employer : Planet PCI Infotech Ltd. Gurugram
Designation : Electrical Technician

“Thank you Don Bosco Tech for your unconditional support to stand on my feet, when I needed. I received the best training. The entire team helped me choose a carrier for life. It would not have been possible without the help of my trainers at Najafgarh center. A big thank you to all of you,” said Mr. Praveen.

Mr. Praveen Kumar is a native of Najafgarh, Delhi, is from a lower-middle-class family. His father   was a driver who lost the job because of the stringent lockdown this year, COVID-19 sweeping the whole world away. This paused a grave threat to the existing financial condition of Mr. Praveen’s family. One can imagine the situation of the family when there is a job loss of the sole earning member. In his family, he is surrounded by one adorable sister, a student, and mother, a housewife. Despite gloom like the situation at home Praveen managed to complete his graduation from Delhi University. Seeing his father, jobless, he wanted to earn to support the family keeping aside his stern desire to chase his childhood dreams. However, he couldn’t be employed, though graduate, partially because he lacked skills and lockdown.

In the course of mobilization, the team of Don Bosco Tech met him and inform him about the free three months of training in various domains. He seemed quite inclined towards the training and placement provided by the Don Bosco Tech team. Without a second thought in mind, he enrolled for the training in Asst. Electrician under National Housing Bank (NHB) Project at Najafgarh training center. During the training period, he learned each and everything very attentively. He was hardworking too.

By the end of the three-month-training, Praveen was well equipped with the required skills to take up a job in the market. He was dire in need of a job, by then, to support the family. But there was no scope for employment due to the pandemic. His family was going through a very hard time. Fortunately, during the phased manner unlock, he got the opportunity from Planet PCI Infotech Ltd., (Consulting Agency), Gurugram to work as an Assistant Electrician with a salary of Rs. 17001/- per month. He is working for the Airtel Company under the payroll of Planet PCI Infotech Ltd.

Mr. Praveen is helping the family meet their daily expenses. The family’s financial condition has improved. He is also funding his sister’s education besides helping himself.